Monday, November 10, 2008

photo journal. daily capture: november 10

I have decided to turn my photography blog into an actual 'blog'. I am excited to share my opinions, thought processes, and reasons for my pictures. I also want to follow Nicole Hill's Blog and add things that I find interesting in my life, that inspire me. You should look up her blog, she is very accomplished, and I admire her!
For my photography class we ae starting a photo journal, so the next two weeks will be required photography of daily life, but look for other posts I add.
Finding the beauty in the mundane. Today was a not so pretty day; it was raining, cold, and quite wet. I chose to capture this shot because to me it showed that no matter what we are feeling, if we just take a moment to step back and look around us, we are sure to find one of God's many blessings.

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