Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adobe Lightroom 2

My husband recently bought me this program. I am loving it already, but there is so much to learn! It is going to be very useful to me for when I do large shoots, and have a lot to edit. This particular picture is one example. During my husband and my birthday we went up to a cabin near Price and our niece came up the last day, so I did a photo shoot with her. The 'old photo' look is editing done in this program, and I'll upload more later. I loved this particular picture because it's one of the ones where she was so natural, and I just let her do whatever. It has a calm, pondering feeling, quite contrasted with the personality of a four year olds.

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leannewitney said...

I LOVE what you did to this photo! I think that you need to come take some pics of the other kiddies so I can cover up my ugly bare walls! love ya!