Saturday, October 3, 2009

emotional eyes.





This project was something I did during a camping trip my husband and I took during our birthdays last month. On our way back to the cabin, nature decided to bring 10 minutes worth of pouring rain. It did quite the damage, while creating mudslides and making it difficult to drive on wet gravel. We stumbled upon quite a bad mudslide that blocked the road and there was a car that was currently stuck and trying to get out. While Riley helped this family, I got to know their kids and helped them stay out of trouble. We played a game where I would call out an emotion, and with my camera ready I'd capture their interpretation of that emotion. My goal was to focus on their eyes, because the light shining through the trees was absolutely beautiful. These are only a few, and I'll add more soon.

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April said...

How adorable it is so fun to see my kids through art:) you are amazing and you have a great gift with kids as well!!!