Wednesday, January 6, 2010

family wedding.

This was officially the hardest wedding I've shot. The bride was my aunt Celeste, and she is one of 13 siblings. Quite the large family. To be responsible for doing pictures for such a large group was a challenge, but I am happy with the results, and what I learned is even more fulfilling. I don't get to choose the day of the wedding or the setting for the reception, so ending up with the perfect weather and lighting is usually not the case.
Today was my first day back to UVU, and I am currently taking a class from Jonathan Canlas. He is a 100% film photographer, and does beautiful work. The class is a wedding class, and just from 2 hours of lecture I am already setting new goals toward how I approach my work. I eventually want to be able to shoot weddings using my film cameras, and I will be posting the work I do for the class this semester. But a few things he said he lives by that hit me were: 1. no more water marks on my pictures. 2. you are only as good as the worst photograph you put on your blog! 3. he shoots most of his portraits with a fixed lens, usually an f1.8.
I hope to bring my level of professionalism and creativity up to his par. Over the next four months, I will blog about my experiences and what else I have learned.


Derek said...

What Beautiful pictures! You truly shine!

Derek said...

Sorry I was leaving the message not my son Derek... I guess he is logged into google and not me? Strange..Tracey Dunford

The Young's said...

Such great pictures!